The homes of Michigan State’s football and basketball teams could be getting spruced up soon.

The school’s Board of Trustees voted Friday to authorize planning for two projects that would upgrade the Breslin Center and Duffy Daugherty Football Building at a combined projected cost of $33 million.

Funds for the $28 million Breslin Center upgrade are expected to come from the school’s general fund, while the $5 million budget for the Daugherty Football Building upgrades is expected to come from donor gifts, according to documents provided by the school.

The plans would still have to go through multiple more steps and board approvals before being finalized, according to a school spokesperson. The community will also have an opportunity to provide feedback on the plans.

The Breslin Center upgrade would include improvements to restrooms, concession stands, the concourse and entrances. It also would include replacing broken fixtures and doors, installing a new freight elevator and upgrading the loading dock.