Throughout most of the season, the Michigan men’s basketball team had a familiar pattern of one or two games per week, with at least two days’ rest between each game.

Now that the postseason has begun, the pace has ramped up. After three games in three days in reaching the Big Ten tournament final, U-M had another two games Thursday and Saturday last week in the NCAA Tournament, adding up to five games in nine days.

The second-seeded Wolverines (27-8) don’t play again until Friday, where they’ll meet 11th seed Tennessee in the Sweet 16. Michigan coach John Beilein is taking advantage of the mini-break, giving players some time off to rest their legs to regroup before Friday.

“Now, you’re really trying to get rest. We’ll practice two days this whole week hard because we want to be fresh — it is a long year,” Beilein told host Matt Shepard on WDFN’s “Shep in the Morning” show Tuesday.

Beilein said the starters will not practice Tuesday but the scout team will work on some things to mimic Tennessee’s squad.

“We may bring a couple guys in on the scout team and get them to be Volunteers — they’re volunteering to be Volunteers,” Beilein joked.

Playing late into March has brought a change in mentality for Beilein in recent years. Instead of just playing to get to March and hopefully win a couple games, the focus has shifted to preparing for a long haul.

“It’s a thing we’ve worked a lot on and more in the last couple years. When you go back to the days of being in mid-majors and low-majors, you were trying to keep your team as fresh as you can to win the (conference) tournament, which was in the last week of February or first week of March,” Beilein said. “Now when you get to this level, you try to win your tournament and win your league but you’re also trying to stay alive as long as you can in March.”

Some of the practices in recent weeks have been shortened as the season has worn on, but Beilein is looking to get more done in less practice time, to maximize efficiency.