It's a little after 10 on a magnificent Friday morning in Manhattan when, walking among the thousands on 42nd Street, we bump into three guys from Ottawa -- Chris Phillips, Daniel Alfredsson and Chris Neil.

"What are the odds?" I say a few moments later to Bruce Garrioch. "This city ain't so big after all."

Now, I'm thinking we might even be able to find Milan Michalek. I hear he's here, but I don't think I actually saw him the night before during a 4-2 loss to the Rangers that leaves the Senators one down after one game in a best-of-seven.

"That's a little harsh, isn't it?" says Tony "Trigger" Caldwell, the third member of Team Sun spreading the news from and surrounding the first round of the NHL playoffs.

Probably, but this is New York. Everybody's harsh. Besides, Trigger is the same person who, moments later, expressed what I believe are the sentiments of many Senators fans back home.

"They say you're not in trouble in a playoff series until you lose a game at home," recalled Trigger. "But the Senators are in trouble."


They can still go home Saturday night all even up in this series if they can get their offence going again. Counting the regular season, they now have six goals in their last four outings. That's a bit of a rut, right?

Capable of leading them out of it is Michalek, the Senators streaky marksmen. He had a team high 35 goals in 77 games, or one every 2.something times he hit the ice.