The reviews of the Michael Young trade have been mixed so far, ranging anywhere from "Wait, what are the Phillies doing?" to "No, seriously, what are the Phillies doing?" I'm going to take the contrarian path, though, and wonder what in the hell the Phillies are doing.

It's not a crazy idea for a team to get a hitter in his mid-30s and hope to wring one more quality year out of him. The Phillies are built to win now, so any one-season raffle ticket they can get is important. Just two seasons ago, Young posted a 125 OPS+ -- the third highest of his career. Considering that the Rangers are paying for a chunk of Young's salary, and that every other year, Young seems to have a batting-average-dependent stroke of genius left in his bat, it's not the worst idea in the world. It's not like the Phillies called up Terrence Long and asked him if he'd consider playing baseball again.

The average third baseman in the National League hit .270/.333/.433 in 2012. Without the A's, Mariners, and Angels to worry about, it's not outlandish to think Young can do that. Maybe even a tick better.