Most of the focus this week will be on Masahiro Tanaka, as the Japanese pitcher has until Friday at 2 p.m. PT to pick a major league team. We know the Dodgers are interested, but given the competition for his services it's no sure thing that the right-hander is coming to Los Angeles. A move that is more certain for the Dodgers is the addition of an infielder.

We just don't know who that infielder will be.

Alexander Guerrero was signed to a four-year, $28 million contract and is the favorite to be the regular second baseman, but has been limited with a left hamstring injury during the winter. Dee Gordon seems to have an inside track at a spot on the 25-man roster, with a shot at regular season base duty and at the very least could be a utility man and pinch runner.

But with Guerrero and Gordon really only likely to play second base or shortstop, the club is still lacking a backup third baseman. Juan Uribe had a productive year in 2013 but benefited from regular rest; he has exceeded the 132 games he played in 2013 just once in the last six seasons.

It stands to reason the Dodgers would want an infielder who can fill in when needed at the hot corner. Stephen Drew is still out there, but since he rejected a qualifying offer from Boston the shortstop would cost the Dodgers a first-round pick if they were to sign him. Plus, even with the Dodgers' spend-happy ways, it's unlikely they are in the market for a starting-level player, so we'll focus on potential reserves instead.