Michael Vick didn’t throw a touchdown against the Broncos and completed less than 44 percent of his passes against the Chiefs. Both opponents combined to sack him nine times.

There are plenty of reasons for the steep drop in production from the Eagles’ quarterback over the past two games but Vick insisted Thursday that he’s not taking too long to the pull the trigger.

“No. I’m not holding the ball too long” he said. “I’m not holding the ball too long all. Don’t try to make that an issue. It’s not.”

Vick was both testy and somewhat playful with reporters at his Thursday press conference in the face of questions about his performance over the past two games and whether offensive pitfalls are related to his timing with receivers.

Responding to a question about perceptions that he’s prone to holding onto the ball Vick at first dismissed the notion.

“Listen whoever is saying I’m holding onto the ball too long they don’t know anything about football” he said. “They need to go watch the film.”

At first he seemed annoyed by the question but his tone changed. He joked about giving reporters a film tutorial but then suggested that maybe the media is onto something.

“I’m going to pull out some film for y’all and keep a clicker right here and we’re going to go through every play so I could break it down verbatim play by play for y’all” he said.

He then paused for a few seconds and added “But if y’all think I’m holding onto the ball too long then maybe y’all [are] right. Sometimes we don’t give y’all enough credit either.”