The tears flowed freely following Seattle’s NFC Championship victory over the San Francisco 49ers, but Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson was nothing but smiles during Tuesday’s media session at the team’s hotel in Jersey City, N.J.

For someone who was suffering kidney failure and liver failure due to a reaction to prescription medication during training camp, it’s been quite the path to the Super Bowl this season for the eight-year veteran.

“I had a long year being cut, being sick, not really realizing the extent of the sickness,” Robinson said.”I didn’t know that my kidneys were failing and my liver was failing. I had no idea. I just thought I was getting a bug.”

Robinson had an adverse reaction to the anti-inflammatory “Indocin” and found himself in the hospital three times late in the preseason as doctors struggled to figure out what was wrong. He initially felt sick during Seattle’s preseason meeting with the Denver Broncos in August. He dropped 30 pounds in the process and was released by the Seahawks in favor of healthy, younger options in Derrick Coleman and Spencer Ware.

Once the problem was diagnosed, Robinson began to slowly recover. He did some guest hosting on the NFL Network and other media opportunities while waiting for another chance to return the league.

The New York Giants and Tennessee Titans both made overtures to Robinson but he elected not to pursue those options.

“It just didn’t feel right,” Robinson said. “The situations didn’t feel right. I wasn’t all the way back yet and I just wanted to make sure I was right when I got back with a team.”

Robinson hoped he could find his way back to Seattle. That opportunity presented after both Ware and Coleman went down with injuries mid-season. The Seahawks got back in contact and brought Robinson back to Seattle.

“I’m glad I’m here now,” Robinson said. “I’ve got my weight back, got my strength back, and it was an opportunity to come back here and I’m glad it opened up.”

For Robinson, his patience paid off and it made the end result that much sweeter.