It’s official: The Charlotte Bobcats plan to be the Charlotte Hornets.

The Bobcats formalized that intent at a 6 p.m. news conference at Time Warner Cable Arena, featuring team owner Michael Jordan.

As expected, the Bobcats wouldn’t be able to implement this change until the start of the 2014-15 season, as it would take that long to do all the rebranding.

The Bobcats formally requested permission to switch to the name of Charlotte’s first NBA team Tuesday afternoon. That request will come up for a vote of the other 29 team owners in July.

“Overwhelming you wanted the Hornets name back,’’ Jordan said. “When I first played here years ago, the thing I was totally astounded by was the energy. I wanted to bring that energy back.

“(This decision) says a lot about how we’ve taken the input from our community and put that in action.’’

There are some unresolved issues. Although Jordan and team marketing director Pete Guelli sat in front of purple-and-teal sign reading, “Bring the Buzz,’’ it’s still unclear whether the Bobcats would take on the Hornets’ old color scheme.

“We haven’t even discussed that right now,’’ Jordan said of the color scheme. “This is a first step. To say today we’ve come to that conclusion would not be an accurate statement.’’