With Rob Gronkowski’s availability for the start of the season now an uncertainty, Tom Brady may be doing battle without his best red-zone threat.

And, if we’re getting technical, Brady is currently without his top two weapons in the money zone, as fellow tight end Aaron Hernandez continues to make strides from offseason shoulder surgery.

Maybe that’s why we saw quite a bit of red-zone work during the Patriots’ eighth organized team activities session yesterday, and Brady continuing to bond with wide receiver Michael Jenkins, in particular, in this critical area.

Jenkins might not be the fastest guy on the outside, but at 6-foot-4, 214 pounds, with a set of reliable hands and plenty of veteran savvy, he could very well be someone Brady can’t live without in close quarters, especially in the early going.

While the Ohio State product and 2004 first-round pick may be somewhat of a disappointment thus far in his career, if this is the guy Brady ultimately learns to trust when delivering the football, who’s to argue?

The chemistry connection can find unusual dance partners at times. In the red zone, however, Brady-to-Jenkins makes a lot of sense.

“Everything happens faster down there,” Jenkins said yesterday following the workout, “so anything you can use to your advantage, whether it’s height, size, boxing a guy out, whatever you can do to make the play.”

Yesterday, Jenkins made a nice play on a floater from Brady in the right corner of the end zone, extending that 6-4 frame and outstretching his arms as far as they could possibly go to reel in the pass.

Jenkins, a nine-year veteran, appreciates whatever extra time he gets with Brady, be it on the side, which has been a regular occurrence, or in drills.

“Anything extra helps. It’s a team-first attitude around here,” Jenkins said. “Every day we’re working, trying to get better. When they’re doing special teams, we’re working on little things that will help on offense. It’s been huge for me to work with Tom, and have him help any way he can.”