Earlier this week, in the wake of Josh Gordon's DWI arrest, ESPN analyst and Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter appeared on the radio and offered up a suggestion for the Cleveland Browns: cut Josh Gordon.

Carter was speaking from his own personal experience. Another Hall of Fame wide receiver and current NFL Network analyst, Michael Irvin, profoundly disagrees with Carter's assessment.

Appearing on the Dan LeBatard Show (quotes via the Palm Beach New Times) Irvin he doesn't think people lacking in specific knowledge of Gordon's situation should be dispensing advice publicly.

"The people start thinking that you have insight on the situation or the issue or the problem so when you come out and make those kinds of comments and you're not in his sessions with his professional help, you don't know what's going on in those sessions, then you're being irresponsible," Irvin said. "I was a bit disappointed Cris Carter made that statement.

Le Batard then asked Irvin about his personal feelings towards Carter. Irvin, well, went off.

Irvin pointed out Carter's assessment to cut Gordon might've worked for Carter then but "maybe it's the worst thing" for Gordon now.