Former Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver Michael Irvin has no problem admitting that he's a fan of his former team.

But even being a die-hard Cowboys supporter didn't stop Irvin from dropping the following line during a Friday radio interview.

"I don't know if anybody has less talent than the Dallas Cowboys, now," Irvin said on The Dan Patrick Show.

The Hall of Famer was stopped after that sentence and told by Patrick that the Cowboys have a lot of talent on offense.

"Stop, stop, stop," Irvin, an NFL Network analyst, quickly responded. "The Cowboys every year do not have a lot of talent. That's the stuff we say on TV. Let's regurgitate some of this 'a lot of talent' the Cowboys have had over the years and you'll see that when it comes to the Cowboys, they put a star on their helmet and we raise them up. But the reality is, those are not the most talented players in the world."