Just when you think you've experienced the complete Michael Beasley experience come nights such as Thursday.

Granted, streetball games in playgrounds tend to come with a distinctly non-NBA protocol.

But going after a heckling fan?

Never a good idea, especially without NBA-level security in place.

But there he was, the former Miami Heat and current Minnesota Timberwolves forward, at New York's Dyckman Park in Washington Heights, in a summer-league game that featured Beasley's Washington-area buddy Kevin Durant, with Beasley taking exception to the taunts of a fan.

Soon that face got a shove from Beasley's palm, before the heckler later received an apologetic handshake from the No. 2 overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft.

At a time when Durant, Dwyane Wade and others are warming up to fans in the midst of the NBA lockout with impromptu appearances, Beasley, as all too often has been the case, moves in his own direction.