They struck out on Albert Pujols.

But the Marlins continued to dominate the news at the winter meetings, formally introducing Jose Reyes as the team's new shortstop, agreeing to contract terms with starting pitcher Mark Buehrle, and offering a six-year deal to free agent lefty C.J. Wilson.

The Marlins have gone from paupers to fat cats in a blinding flash, spending money in a bewildering sequence of signings that has turned them into baseball rock stars.

Since Sunday, the Marlins have reached deals with three players — Reyes, Buehrle and closer Heath Bell — whose future salary commitments total $191 million. And they might not be done yet. If they land Wilson, it could jack the figure by another $100 million or more. Sources said that the competition for Wilson has narrowed to two teams: the Marlins and Angels.