One day, every man on the Heat roster will be able to look back at right now.

Not necessarily because of the historic streak they’re riding into Sunday against Indiana at home but because the composition of the reigning champions is something special.

Dwyane Wade hopes that when they look back, they’ll be proud of the moments they are creating together.

The 17 consecutive wins they’re carrying around rather nonchalantly is really just the extra spoonful of icing on a well-baked cake.

In the locker room after Friday’s 102-93 win over the Philadelphia 76ers, there was barely a mention (and not an ounce of confetti) to show that the team is the first to clinch a postseason berth and still has 22 games to go. It’s another piece of history that they can all look back on and enjoy.

“This is a group that I don’t take for granted because it’s rare that you get a team that a) can win it all, and b) has future Hall of Famers on the roster,” Shane Battier said. “It’s just fun to compete with these guys every single night and try to take this team as far as it can go.”

On Friday, it seemed that everyone got a piece.