Heat guard Dwyane Wade surprised his coach, but not himself, by participating in practice for a second straight day, and fans might see him in a game before long.

"I've been doing everything I need to do," said Wade, who is nearly three months removed from knee surgery. "Every day is different, but if I feel good, I'll continue to go. If I feel like I need to not push it, then I will do that as well."

Wade said swelling wasn't an issue Tuesday, and he hopes it won't be Wednesday, when he might participate in the evening scrimmage.

What about the eight preseason games? There has been speculation that he wouldn't play in any of them.

"I don't know where that came from," Wade said. "I will try a preseason game. At least one. It will be more than one. It won't be eight, but it will be more than one, if I continue to progress the way I've been progressing."

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra continues to be cautious with players, giving Chris Bosh (knee), Joel Anthony (hamstring) and Mario Chalmers (quad) the day off Tuesday. Two players coming off injuries continue to impress him.

Spoelstra said Ray Allen had "his best day" Tuesday.