Chris Andersen might have been downright hawkish on the court against the Philadelphia 76ers but afterward he turned into a bashful little bird.

The self-described “Birdman” had 15 rebounds Saturday night in the Heat’s 15th consecutive regular-season victory over Philadelphia. Naturally, a few people wanted to talk to Andersen after the game. But “Bird” — and that’s the name he asks members of the news media to call him — wanted nothing to do with the stylized fawning of reporters.

As if soft-ball questions might in some way soften the hardened exterior of this comic-book character come to life, the enigmatic Andersen waited until every last notebook and camera had left the locker room before he emerged to dress himself.

Three times Andersen peaked his head into locker room, and three times he retreated at the sight of the press horde.

With eight boards against the Bobcats on Friday, Andersen set an individual season high in rebounds. Less than 24 hours later, he nearly doubled that effort against the undersized 76ers.

Andersen has warned reporters about noting this next statistic — he wants absolutely no praise and feels he deserves none — but his teammates are not so easily comprised.

It’s no coincidence that the Heat is 33-3 since Andersen made his debut on Jan. 25.

How much of an impact has Andersen’s frenetic style had on the overall improvement of the team? LeBron James likens picking up Andersen for a veteran’s minimum contract to theft.

“I think his impact is something we … we stole him,” James said. “We stole Bird, I mean. His activity, his high energy, it’s in those ranks of Joakim Noah, Anderson Varejao, those type of guys that go all the way until their tank is empty and then they fill it back up and then they go all the way out until the tank is empty again.