It’s not the games Chris Bosh will remember.

It’s not the dunks or the highlight-reel plays that will be filed away in his memory when someone, 20 years from now, asks him about his time with one of the best teams of his generation. The camaraderie, the brotherhood, the silliness: These are the things Bosh and the rest of his Heat teammates will hold close and cherish.

For example, Shane Battier’s speech on Day 1 of the winning streak will be etched into Bosh’s consciousness forever.

It was a joke, more than anything, Battier’s spontaneous oration on the team bus from a sports bar in Toronto to the airport. The Heat had just watched the Baltimore Ravens defeat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. That the team was even allowed to stay in Toronto a few extra hours after defeating the Raptors was a break in NBA custom the team will never forget.

Sensing the significance of the moment, feeling the pulse of the room so to speak, Battier rose to his feet on the team bus and delivered what Mario Chalmers would later call, jokingly, a speech to “touch the people.”