Anyone that claims they don't feel the pressure of keeping up with their neighbor is either a liar or the person in their community with the nicest house and nicest ride.

It is human nature to compare and covet, to be envious and competitive. It goes all the way back to biblical days.

Sports pours gasoline on that human flaw, which explains why most Dolphins fans annually keep tabs on how the New England Patriots, New York Jets and Buffalo Bills have drafted. We need to make sure the Dolphins are keeping up with the Belichicks in the AFC East.

Considering the Patriots have lorded over the division for a decade, or since Tom Brady began his Hall of Fame career, we've got to start by scoping out New England's landscaping.

Minnesota General Manager Rick Spielman did the Patriots a solid by trading multiple selections to New England for the Patriots' first-round pick (No. 29), and that relieved a lot of pressure on Belichick, whose drafting has been subpar for quite a while.