Kobe Bryant already publicly vowed not to tweet during Game 2 of the Los Angeles Lakers' first-round playoff series Wednesday against the San Antonio Spurs, but a certain teammate wants Bryant to keep on tweeting in the free world.

"Kobe should tweet for Game 2 the whole time, every possession," Metta World Peace said after practice Tuesday. "Critique us, criticize us, chew us out. I'll tweet him back. I'll direct message him."

Oddly enough, Bryant and World Peace don't follow one another on Twitter, so they wouldn't be able to direct message one another. Bryant unfollowed all of his teammates in March, tweeting, "not sure why I'm following my teammates when I see them every damn day."

World Peace only follows four user accounts on Twitter. The Dalai Lama made the cut; the Black Mamba didn't.

"He's a great tweeter," World Peace said of Bryant. "I don't follow him. I don't follow Kobe because all I follow is four people. I follow the Dalai Lama and I follow a couple other people. But it's easy to follow Kobe. Just go online and [search] 'Kobe Bryant Twitter' and you'll see what he says."

Bryant wrote Monday he would not tweet during Game 2 because, "Focus should be on the team not my insight."

World Peace was asked if Bryant's 140-character contributions from afar were distracting to the team.

"Absolutely not," World Peace said. "I'm a distraction. I'm much more of a distraction than Kobe."

Dwight Howard barely seemed to notice Bryant's tweets.

"I don't check my Twitter during the game, so I don't know," Howard said. "I think we just got to go play. We can't worry about what anybody is saying. We all understand [Bryant] wants to be here and he wants to be a part of the playoffs, so we wish he was here. We wish he was healthy. Other than that, we just got to go play.

"Our concern is the San Antonio Spurs. We all tweet, so we shouldn't have to check each other's Twitter after the game or during the game."

Steve Nash was also apathetic on the subject.

"I don't care," Nash said. "To each their own."