Former Knick Ron Artest’s baby mama is calling foul, charging the baller with being a deadbeat dad.

The NBA star, now named Metta World Peace, is refusing to pay his son’s Brooklyn private-school tuition, according to a new lawsuit by the boy’s mother.

Jeron Artest, 13, won a coveted spot at the prestigious Poly Prep Country Day School for the 2014-15 school year but World Peace reneged on a promise to pay the $38,355 tuition, according to mom Jennifer Palma’s suit in Manhattan Family Court.

World Peace “dangles our son’s high-school education in front of me and uses his money to control and manipulate me to the detriment of our son,” gripes the baby mama in court papers. She says Jeron, an honors student who shares his dad’s athletic talents, would be “devastated” if he couldn’t enroll at Poly Prep.

Her attorney, Michael Stutman, says World Peace, 34, made $9 million last year. The Knicks bought out his $3.2 million contract in February.

“He can certainly afford to send our son to private school,” Palma, 34, says in the suit, filed April 8.