Mets star Johan Santana threw Friday morning and felt well afterward, but the Mets are still taking it cautiously, so cautiously in fact that at least to this point it doesn't seem to be public knowledege that he threw.

Anyway, there remains no timetable for Santana's real return from shoulder weakness, and that appears to be for reasons of caution, not secrecy. The team won't officially confirm Santana will start the season on the disabled list, but they appear to be planning for young righthander Jeremy Hefner to take his rotation spot at the start.

Santana recently told Mets writers they are all "on the same page.'' He was initially upset that general manager Sandy Alderson told that Santana wasn't to throw. Alderson told the New York Daily News later that he thought Santana wouldn't throw off a mound for 10 days, but Santana, seemingly in an effort to prove he's doing better than they thought, threw the next day in a voluntary throwing session.

The team is monitoring him closely and will be interested to see how he responds Saturday, after his throwing session Friday.

In any case, there's no word yet when his throwing will occur in a spring game. Originally, he had been tabbed to start Opening Day, but that's appears to be out now.