Dan Warthen walked into a sympathetic clubhouse Thursday morning. The Mets pitching coach, who had to apologize Wednesday night for using a racial slur earlier in the week, got a handshake and big hug from injured ace Matt Harvey and the private support of most of the players.

According to a Wall Street Journal reporter, Warthen used the derogatory comment in the clubhouse when talking to Jeff Cutler, the 30-year-old Japanese-American who works for Daisuke Matsuzaka. On Monday morning, Warthen shouted out to Cutler that he was sorry he had called him a “Chinaman” in a joke the day before, according to the report.

Pitcher Jonathon Niese was the most publicly upset Met. He walked past a group of reporters and said that they have to stop “tweeting (stuff) from the clubhouse.” That is an opinion, however, that Niese and other players have expressed before.

Otherwise, there was a measured response. Several players, who did not speak on the record, said they felt Warthen was wrong for what he said, but the incident would not affect their relationship with him. Dice-K said so much himself.

“I think everyone makes mistakes,” Matsuzaka said Thursday after pitching 3.2 innings in the Mets’ 7-5 win over the Nationals at Space Coast Stadium. “Dan has already commented on it. I don’t want to dig deeper into it or try to make it something or try to add to what it is.”