Tuesday in Metsland began when I asked Matt Harvey if he wanted to go on the record with his strong and rational case for why he should rehab from Tommy John surgery while around his teammates.

Per the Basic Agreement, Harvey has the right to do his work away from the spring training facility, and wants to for compelling reasons; it is my opinion that he should be able to determine his own best interests, with the help of the training staff. This is not about Manhattan, and its lure of models, restaurants and clothing stores -- it’s about the pull of Flushing, Queens, teammates, and pitching for the Mets this season, which he is convinced he will do.

In the morning, Harvey was under the impression that he was not allowed to grant one-on-one interviews (that perception shifted somewhat later in the day, but we’ll get to that), but he decided to talk anyway. Sitting at his locker, he said:

“The biggest part is wanting to stay with the team. To learn the league. To learn Travis (d’Arnaud). To learn how to bond with the other starting pitchers, and the guys in the clubhouse, and the David Wrights who I plan on playing with.”

And where does the front office stand on this?

“I expressed that seven months in Port St. Lucie is a long time,” he said. “For me, I strongly felt that my best opportunity, and my motivation to come back quicker, stronger, work harder would be to be with the teammates. That’s kind of what I have always said. I have worked so hard to get to the big leagues and be with this team, it just felt like all of a sudden I was shooed to the back.”

Why does he say that?

“It’s just the fact that I have been not allowed to talk to anybody, and that every tweet or Instagram I send is, do not write,” Harvey said. “My locker -- me and (Jeremy Hefner, also rehabbing) was basically in a closet. I didn’t think that was right. I don’t know exactly who was in charge of the situation. [“That was a decision made by clubhouse personnel,” GM Sandy Alderson later told me].

“I have worked so hard to get to the point where I was, and all of a sudden I get hurt, and it’s ‘you’ve got to stay in Florida,’” Harvey said. “‘You’ve got to disappear from New York, you’ve got to do this.’ I took pride in living in New York, and being a New Yorker. I live there all year round. It’s a place I love being.”

To be clear: This stuff was said in the morning. In a moment, you’ll see why that’s an important distinction.