Sandy Alderson said the decision to put Johan Santana’s spring schedule in the pitcher’s own hands was the right one.
“Whatever the schedule is, Johan is ultimately the final arbiter, whether that’s articulated or not,” Alderson said Sunday. “Because he’s the only one who can judge how he really feels.”
After Santana skipped team workouts for treatment Saturday, pitching coach Dan Warthen said the team needed Santana to be honest about how he felt and when he would be ready to pitch.
Alderson agrees with the cautious approach.
“We need to get him ready,” Alderson said. “His condition will dictate his schedule at this point.”

Alderson said he was not at a point to discuss starting Santana on the disabled list. The idea of the two-time Cy Young Award winner being ready for Opening Day is quickly fading. The Mets are focusing on getting him ready at his own pace and avoiding setbacks.
“I don’t concern myself with any sort of emotional response,” Alderson said. “It’s all about, ‘Let’s get him ready on the appropriate schedule.’ ”

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