This is what you need to know about Ike Davis. He's healthy for the first time in a long time: no valley fever, no ankle issues, and this season he's not settling for less.

Davis is determined to raise his batting average and break the 100 RBI mark.

"Finally,'' Davis told The Post with a shout. "I'm healthy.''

Imagine that, some positive Mets' news.

"My lungs look good,'' Davis said via telephone from his home in Arizona. "My ankle feels good, I'm in shape. I'm strong and back to being kind of athletic. This is the first time in two years that nothing crazy has happened. It feels good to start fresh, there are no what-ifs going into spring training.''

Davis was batting .302 in 2011 with seven home runs and 25 RBIs over 36 games when his season ended on May 10 as he collided with David Wright and suffered a sprain and bone bruise with cartilage damage in the left ankle joint. Then things really got strange as Davis came into spring training last February dealing with valley fever issues.