Well here is an interesting twist to the Rangers’ coaching search that culminated with the hiring of Alain Vigneault rather than Mark Messier to replace John Tortorella.

That is, as Messier told The Post last night while discussing his decision to leave his front office position with the organization, that it was general manager Glen Sather who actually approached him about going behind the bench rather than No. 11 simply declaring his candidacy for the job.

“When the Ranger job became open, Glen asked me if I had interest in it,” said Messier, who will now work full-time on the development of the Kingsbridge National Ice Center in the Bronx. “After talking to my wife about it and what that kind of commitment would mean to our lives and our family, I told Glen I would be interested.

“But I told him that while I thought I had the qualities to take the Rangers to the next level, I didn’t want to be treated any differently than anyone else in the selection process,” Messier said by phone. “I told him he should go through a full process and interview other candidates and hire the person he felt was best for the job, even if that might not be me.

“And that’s what happened. Glen made the decision that Alain Vigneault was the right person. I have no bitterness over this. I have been involved with this project in the Bronx for over two years and had been thinking about making this kind of a move for a while.

“But when Glen asked me, I made the decision that if there were a way for me to help the team, I’d be willing to do it, whether in the front office or as coach. But they went in a different direction.”

Vigneault and Messier were the only two candidates who received in-person interviews for the job with Sather, who has implied that experience was an overriding factor in his choice.