Lionel Messi and his father will pay €15 million to the Spanish taxman in a settlement that means they will not face tax fraud charges, according to reports in Catalonia.

The Barcelona player and his father Jorge had been due to appear at a court hearing in Gava on September 17 in relation to claims they and their financial advisors had illegally re-routed image rights revenues through offshore tax havens to avoid paying the €4.1 million tax due.

On Thursday, El Periodico reported that the Messis and their representatives had reached an agreement with the Spanish tax authorities, meaning no further action would be taken.

Last week, an additional €10 million payment was reportedly agreed to cover Messi's image rights for 2010 and 2011.

The date for payment to cover such taxes owed for 2012 is June 30 2013, making it likely that the total being received by the Spanish taxman in relation to image rights is around €30 million.

Had Messi and his father been found guilty of tax fraud in court, they could have faced up to five years in prison, although custodial sentences for such offences are rarely imposed in Spain.