As crazy as the Ryan Braun trade rumor involving the New York Mets seemed, I figured I'd check in this morning with Brewers general manager Doug Melvin. After all, the Tigers did trade Prince Fielder yesterday to the Rangers despite nearly $170 million remaining on his contract.

Melvin said there was "absolutely nothing" to the rumor started on a blog in New York that the Brewers might be interested in trading Braun to the Mets, supposedly in a deal involving first baseman Ike Davis.

"We have no intentions of trading Ryan," said Melvin. "There's absolutely no truth to that. We've never contacted any team about Ryan."

Melvin said he did have "four or five clubs" ask about Braun's availability at the recent meeting of general managers in Orlando, Fla., and the Mets might have been one of them. Melvin wouldn't identify those teams but said it was basically probing to see if the Brewers would shop Braun.

"I told them no," said Melvin.

The thinking behind any rumors involving Braun is that the Brewers would like to rid themselves of the stigma of Braun's 65-game suspension at the end of the 2013 season for his PED connection to the Biogenesis clinic. But he has a five-year, $105 million contract extension that kicks in with the 2016 season, and the Brewers owe him $127 million overall over the next seven years.

Braun also has some no-trade protection in his contract. So, the combination of his PED stigma, overall contract total and the no-trade provisions would make any deal involving Braun problematic to begin with. And what value would you receive in return for a player who has been one of the top offensive players in the majors since his rookie of the year season in 2007, PED taint or not?

Of course, if Braun comes back in 2014 and doesn't perform on the field as he has in the past, his trade value would plummet going forward. And his contract would become even more onerous for the Brewers, who already have been harmed by his PED stigma to the point that they no longer can market Braun as the face of the franchise.

But the Brewers certainly would not trade Braun for the likes of Ike Davis, or pick up "a good chunk" of Braun's contract to get a deal done, as that Mets rumor suggested. If they ever do decide to trade Braun, don't look for them to pay any of his salaries to do so.

Melvin said he had lunch last weekend in Los Angeles with Braun, manager Ron Roenicke and team principal owner Mark Attanasio. But Melvin said Braun's PED suspension and subsequent consequences was not the primary topic of conversation. And Melvin said there was absolutely no talk about a possible trade involving Braun.

"It was just a sit-down to talk about our plans and the upcoming season," said Melvin. "It went well. We just talked in general about what we're doing."

At that lunch, Melvin said he did discuss the possibility with Braun of moving from left field to right field. The Brewers are looking for a way to get Khris Davis some at-bats after his impressive debut in 2013 and he profiles primarily as a left fielder because of a below-average throwing arm.

"We did talk about it," said Melvin. "We just said it was a possibility and explained our thinking on it. He was open to it. So, there's a chance it could happen. Nothing is definite yet."

Melvin didn't say moving Braun to right field would specifically be for Davis to play left field regularly. Moving Braun would leave Norichika Aoki without a job, unless the Brewers opt to trade him this winter. So, Aoki could be used in left field as well if Braun is moved.

"If we decide to do that, the left-field position is more workable than right field," said Melvin. "Finding a left fielder is easier than finding a right fielder. Ryan shouldn't have any trouble (making the switch)."