While Carmelo Anthony praised the Knicks offseason moves saying the Andrea Bargnani trade was a “steal for us’’ he stopped short of predicting he and the Knicks would have a long marriage.

Anthony can opt out of his contract after the 2013-14 season so the Knicks’ success in the coming season could be pivotal to whether he re-signs or looks for greener warmer pastures — perhaps in Los Angeles. The Lakers already are eyeing an Anthony/LeBron James tandem with their cap space.

When asked if this season was major for him in terms of making a decision Anthony demurred.

“I can’t do that’’ he told ESPN.com while coaching at his summer basketball camp in Las Vegas. “It’s too tough right now.

“It’s a big year” said Anthony who just came back from China for his Jordan Brand trip. “A huge upcoming season for me as a team and as an organization.”

It could be a bigger year for the Nets and Anthony gave them more lavish praise for their offseason moves calling it “special.’’

The Nets are widely considered having surpassed the defending Atlantic Division-champion Knicks because of their summer additions of Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce Jason Terry and Andre Kirilenko.

“We’ll see whether we have enough” Anthony said. “We haven’t even stepped on the court yet.

“It’s special what [the Nets) did” Anthony added. “J-Kidd [Jason] will have four or five future Hall of Famers. I played with him for a year and also with USA Basketball and I know his mentality. He knows the game. It won’t be hard for him to deal with those guys because he’ll put them in position and only have to tell them things one time.’’

Knicks general manager Glen Grunwald said this month he expected Anthony to re-sign and Anthony said in China he “doubts it’’ when asked if he will be a Laker in 2014-15.