Jason Kidd has a message for Kevin Garnett: It’s not going to work this time.

Kidd fully expects Garnett and the Celtics to try to get under the Knicks’ skin in the best-of-seven-game series beginning Saturday at the Garden. Garnett and Carmelo Anthony supposedly made up following their January tango that led to Anthony’s one-game suspension. But in the postseason, all pacts are off.

“Boston has a team with talkers there,’’ Kidd said. “It’s a part of this game. It’s part of basketball. It’s for us and our job to play and let our play do all the talking. We know they’re trying to get at us mentally.”

Kidd was disappointed over the Anthony-Garnett cereal tiff in January at the Garden. Anthony completely lost his cool and continued to lash out at Garnett, who allegedly started the verbal warfare by making a crude comment about Anthony’s wife, La La. Anthony compounded his miserable fourth quarter by chasing Garnett into the player tunnel by the locker room, then again trying to confront him by the Celtics bus.

“I think Melo has grown from the experience,” Kidd said. “The team has grown. We don’t expect anything less from KG or anyone on the team to talk trash.”

Kenyon Martin told The Post’s Steve Serby he will have Anthony’s back in any potential skirmish with Garnett. Anthony said he won’t need Martin.

“We’re not worrying about that,” Anthony said. “Mentally, we’re locked in. We’re focused. We’re trying to win the series. As far as all the trash talking stuff goes, hey, it’s part of the game. They’re not going to get us with that. We’re ready to play. That’s all I can say.”