Carmelo Anthony had fluid in his right knee drained Wednesday in New York and will rejoin the Knicks today in Los Angeles.

While the Knicks listed him as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Clippers, coach Mike Woodson sounded as if it was unlikely Anthony would be ready for action the rest of the West Coast trip which ends Monday in Utah.

Meanwhile, center Tyson Chandler missed the Knicks’ 105-90 loss in Portland Thursday night with a bruised left knee suffered in Wednesday’s debacle in Denver, but he has a better chance of playing Sunday. The Knicks used a ragtag frontcourt of Chris Copeland, Kenyon Martin and former Blazer Kurt Thomas last night.

Woodson seemed in a good mood about the Anthony development despite its mysterious elements.

A leading orthopedist at Lenox Hill Hospital told The Post that often the fluid comes right back if there is cartilage damage involved. The Knicks still will not divulge the cause of the fluid buildup.

Earlier in the day during a radio interview, Woodson said he was “worried’’ about Anthony’s knee condition, but last night the Knicks coach said he felt better about the situation and it is not going to be a big issue for much longer.

“I was [worried], but I spoke to him after he got his knee drained and he felt pretty good about it, so I feel good,’’ Woodson said. “He’s going to be fine once we get him rehabbed and get him back on the floor, I think he is going to be OK.

“I feel good. He didn’t say when he’s going to be ready but I’m just assuming he’ll be ready soon. It wasn’t anything majorly wrong with it. We just got to nurse him back.’’