Kevin McHale’s low-post lessons for Dwight Howard have only just begun, but the coach started close to home — his home. The dedicated Minnesota Vikings fan cited the play of All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson.

“Just staying low,” Howard said of McHale’s direction. “He always refers to Adrian Peterson and how he runs through different holes in the game. He runs real low. He was saying I have the ability to do the same thing: use my quickness and my speed to get around guys. I have to get low to be able to do it.”

McHale does have more in store.

“We’re just getting started together,” McHale said. “It’s a whole new offense for him. We’ve worked, but not as much as we will work.”

The Rockets have posted up Howard only sporadically, but he said he was unconcerned about that.

“I think it’s going to get better as the season goes,” Howard said. “Right now, the whole team is in that transition period, looking in the post and making plays out of the post. It’s an adjustment on my end and theirs. … As the season goes, we’ll all get better.”

Rivers won’t fret over Jordan’s D

As much as Clippers center DeAndre Jordan has been open about his goal to be Defensive Player of the Year, an award won by Dwight Howard three times, Clippers coach Doc Rivers said he is unconcerned about Jordan’s becoming preoccupied with an individual matchup.

That can be an issue with high scorers, Rivers said, but not with defense-first players.

“I didn’t talk about it once today other than, ‘DeAndre, you have Dwight,’ ” Rivers said. “Other than that, I didn’t say much about it. They know.

“You’re more concerned about that when there are two dominant offensive players and they’re guarding each other. That’s when as a coach you watch that very closely because you don’t want that to become to where you are breaking the offense (because) the other guy scored.”