LeSean McCoy hasn’t been nearly as effective running the last four games as he was the first four, leaving the Eagles to wonder if that’s a product of Michael Vick’s absence at quarterback, or teams focusing on stopping McCoy, or a combination of both.

It also leaves them wondering what they can do about it.

Through the first four games, McCoy gained 468 yards and averaged 6.1 yards per carry. In the four games since, he’s gained 265 yards and averaged 3.4 yards per carry.

The dropoff coincides with Vick’s hamstring injury, which he suffered late in the first half against the Giants on Oct. 6. Vick has been replaced by the far-less mobile Nick Foles and Matt Barkley.

But Eagles coach Chip Kelly said part of the blame also lies with McCoy, who lately has been trying to make extra cuts rather than charging forward and getting three or four yards.

“I think LeSean is trying to press too much and trying to hit a home run on every play instead of letting it develop,” Kelly said.

It is also evident that opposing defenses are more focused on stopping McCoy because the threat of Vick as a runner isn’t there. Vick won’t play Sunday when the Eagles face the Oakland Raiders, and he might not play the following week either.

And the backup quarterbacks haven’t played well, either, whether it was Nick Foles against Dallas on Oct. 20 or Matt Barkley replacing Foles that day and Vick last Sunday against the Giants.

“There’s more attention,” McCoy said. “They’re really trying to contain the backs and keep everything in front of them. The linebackers are way more into the line. Everything seems so cluttered, so packed. That’s probably the biggest difference I’ve noticed. Even on some of the fakes — even if it’s a half-fake or an average fake — they’re all on it.”

The running game is a big part of Kelly’s offense. But Kelly noted that it can work even if Vick isn’t playing. After all, McCoy had 116 yards against Tampa Bay, and Vick didn’t play in that game.