Tim McCarver was right when he said he wasn’t retiring after he ended his record-setting 34-year run as a network baseball analyst by broadcasting the World Series last October on Fox.

McCarver, 72, confirmed Thursday night that he has reached an agreement to do about 30 Cardinals games this season for Fox Sports Midwest.

“The deal has not been completed — but it will,’’ he said, adding that the dates he’ll be working still are to be finalized. “We’ll get it straightened out. I know I’ll be doing Cardinal games, I just don’t know the exact situation.’’

FSM general manager Jack Donovan was unavailable for comment.The pending move, which was reported in December in this space as being likely, follows the announcement this week that Cards radio broadcaster Mike Shannon will drop about 50 road games from his workload. FSM analysts Al Hrabosky and Rick Horton are to replace Shannon, 74, on a rotating basis on those radio broadcasts. That makes it easy to add McCarver to the TV side.