Here is a summary of coach Mike McCarthy's Monday press conference:

Will have an update on Eddie Lacy on Wednesday.
(Brandon Meriweather hit on Lacy) Definitely used his helmet.
(James Starks collison with Meriweather) Same kind of thing. Different result. We'll leave it up to the league.
(Offensive line) First and second level blocking was good. James did a nice job with reads.
(100-yard rusher) Never drawn up a game plan and said I'd like to have a 100-yard rusher. Those are stats that point to things we're working on but not something I worry about. Worried about scoring points. Every team is built differently. Need a system that weighs toward your prime-time players.
(Starks) Plan was to have Eddie and James play to a certain pattern of things we were trying to do. We'll contiue that. Had things for Jonathan (Franklin) too. Just didn't get to them. We have to make sure we have things up for every single back.
(Add a back?) We're putting together a game plan based on who we have.
(Defense) Fourth quarter something I don't like with our football team. We gave up 20 points down the stretch. Unnecessary production. That's something we can learn from. There are things we need to take away from that game. I like the way we're playing physically. But mental performance and fourth-quarter production are our focus this week.
(Secondary) Davon House played a heck of a game. We have to do a better job of defining roles.
(Mental mistakes) That's coaching.
(Washington defense) They played a lot of three-shell. We didn't expect that. We thought they would play with both safeties back.
(YAC) I would have never known that was our best performance. I don't gauge the statistics. I get statistics during halftime. But I get outlier statistics. Not worried about the traditional stats.