O.J. Mayo is not going to apologize, OK? He's not going to apologize for that 3-pointer he hit at the end of the first quarter the other day.

Yes, it's possible that the clock operator was a tad slow Sunday, that he didn't get the clock started soon enough, and that if he hadn't dithered for a full second Mayo's shot would have been too late.

But if anyone in the game deserved a break, it's Mayo. He probably deserves a dozen more tonight.

"It's unbelievable what he's been through," said Mike Conley.

Maybe the "J" in O.J. stands for Job?

So gather around your TV sets to watch the plucky Grizzlies try to win Game 2 against the San Antonio Spurs. The pluckiest may be Mayo, who would make a darn good country song.

He's been benched, he's been punched, he's been suspended and he's been traded. His dad has been arrested and sent to jail.

His dog died and his house flooded and, nah, I just made up those last two. But he got beat up by a teammate and had to read about it on Twitter. How much better is that?

And he lost his starting job to a rookie. And that doesn't count any of the USC stuff.

"If you had tried to imagine all the bad things that you could put in a season, I don't think you could have come up with the season that O.J. has had," said Marc Gasol.

Even the press sessions can be excruciating. Like Wednesday, Mayo was asked to rank his recent humiliations. Or to at least identify which was the absolutely most painful and/or ignominious:

Being told he had to try out for point guard during the summer league and then failing the tryout miserably?

Getting cut from the U.S. National Team?

Losing his job as a starter for the first time since he picked up a basketball?

Getting beaten up by Tony Allen over a gambling debt?

Being suspended by the league for 10 games for using a banned substance?

Learning he'd been traded to Indiana?

Then learning the trade had fallen through?

That's just the basketball stuff, mind you. His father really was arrested and charged with attempted murder in December for allegedly driving into a police officer and dragging him several feet. Mayo is evidently not close with his father, but, c'mon, still.