The question used to be: Can the Mets play meaningful games in September? Now the question is: Can they play any meaningful games in May?

This season could be over before it really starts by the end of this month.

So what does that mean for Mets fans? Can this season be more than just waiting for Matt Harvey to pitch?

Harvey pitches tomorrow, by the way, and last night the Mets put up the first Harvey Highlight Film on the Big Screen at Citi Field in the bottom of the second against the Reds. The Mets already trailed, 3-0, in a game they lost, 4-3, to drop to 17-25.

That is where the Mets are on May 21.

They play two more games against the Reds, followed by three against the Braves and then the Subway Series, two games at Citi Field followed by two at Yankee Stadium.

Expect Harvey also to pitch on May 28, the final home game of the series.

At least the great Jordany Valdespin controversy seems to have passed. I talked to several Mets last night and they said Valdespin has turned the corner as far as they are concerned.

“The kid is going to be all right,’’ one veteran Met told me. “He’s starting to get it. He’s learning.’’

Valdespin told me things are going well with his teammates.

“No problems,’’ he said. “Everything is good.’’

He pinch-hit in the eighth and grounded out with a runner on first.

Ike Davis, meanwhile, is slipping deeper and deeper into his funk. Getting him out of it may be impossible the way the Mets have been going about it so far this season.