Everything was fine until three batters into the game.

Or until the third pitch to the third batter.

At that point the continuation of a Tigers trip which hasn’t exactly been their best got worse got angrier maybe even got a little worrisome with a 5-1 loss Monday night to the White Sox.

And with the early ejection of Miguel Cabrera.

The loss trimmed the Tigers’ lead over the second-place Indians in the American League Central to 4½ games the first time since Aug 5 that it’s been under five games.

With two games remaining they are 2-5 on their last three-city trip of the season.

Asked after the game if he was concerned about Cleveland manager Jim Leyland said “I don’t worry about the other teams I worry about my team.

“If we take care of business we’ll be fine. But we’re in a little bit of a funk right now.”

Speaking of funks what happened in the first inning?

Cabrera got tossed by plate umpire Brian Gorman for over-barking about a checked-swing strike that’s what happened.

Much to the Tigers’ amazement

“This is America so I can say what I want to say. I think the umpire pulled the trigger too fast” catcher Brayan Pena said.

So from the first inning on the Tigers didn’t have their best hitter.

Or their manager because Leyland was ejected along with Cabrera in the first inning

And from the fifth inning on the Tigers didn’t have their starter — because their best starter Max Scherzer had a bad night in his third attempt to win his 20th game.

“I made too many mistakes” said Scherzer who gave up a two-run single to Paul Konerko in the first and made a costly throwing error in the fourth. “I was close to getting it going but made some bad two-strike pitches.”