On if the Mavs’ goal is to make Dirk Nowitzki their second best player:
“It’s definitely a goal. I think it’s a great goal for any team to have a new best player and have their present best player become their second best player. That’s something logical. I think any team would want to have that goal. Is it possible? Yeah, it’s possible. Now, how likely is that? I can’t tell you for sure. But you know Mark (Cuban), you know Donnie (Nelson), and I’m an aggressive guy to and we’re going to do everything possible to facilitate that happening. I can’t name any names, but we’re going to be into this, and we’re going to be aggressive.”
On O.J. Mayo opting out of his contract:
“That was expected. I think one of the reasons he came, I think his market value was higher than what we gave him last year but to protect him against injury and stuff like that, we gave him the second year player option. This was all logical stuff and certainly no surprise.”
On his interest level in keeping Brandan Wright:
“There is a couple of things. You say give the minutes. Well, that means unconditionally give him minutes when maybe at a certain time, he wasn’t particularly earning the minutes. You have to be careful doing that when you’re a coach. One of the reasons I think Brandan finished strong is because he got his butt sat down a couple of times. I don’t remember exactly when, but he dealt with a concussion last year and there were a couple of other injuries. I remember on our trip out west, he had missed some games because his leg thing flared up again. I was going to play him in Utah and he said he would be much more comfortable having another practice day in L.A. and playing against the Clippers. The truth is Brandan is a very unique player, and he fits in with us and he fits in with our personnel. There are some teams that he really plays well against, and he’s been consistent. There are other teams where it’s tougher for him because of the physical strength and bruising type teams. But we like him. We met with him today and told him we definitely wanted him back here. But these decisions are going to come down to the money and the market. But he’s a guy we like.”