Don't think for a minute that the Dallas Mavericks are really excited that point guard Derek Fisher signed a contract Monday with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

"That's a good one,'' said one player.

Fisher signed with the Mavs on Nov. 29, played nine games, sustained a knee injury and then asked the Mavs to release him because he was homesick. The Mavs subsequently released Fisher on Dec. 22, he went home, and now he's playing for a Thunder squad which he played 20 games with during the 2011-'12 season.

"It seems like a good situation for him," Carlisle said of Fisher's return to Oklahoma City. "He and (owner) Mark (Cuban) had an agreement when he came here that he would come, and if things got to where he needed to leave for family reasons he would be able to do that.

"That's what he said was the situation and I'm going to take him at his word.''

Fisher started all nine games he played with the Mavs and averaged 8.6 points and 3.6 assists in 25.4 minutes. Upon his departure, he released a statement saying: "The recovery time (from the knee injury) will be approximately two weeks. With this news and the difficulty I have been having being away from my family, I have asked the organization to waive me so I can return home.

"(Mavericks owner) Mark Cuban has been extremely supportive and has granted me this request. I cannot say enough good things about this organization. From Mark, to Coach (Rick) Carlisle, to the players on the Mavericks' team, I sincerely thank them for the opportunity.''

Carlisle said the Mavs turned the page on Fisher the day he left the organization since he was no longer part of the organization.

"Look he's one of those guys, he's been in this league for a long time, won a lot of rings, and my opinion is he's earned the right to do what's best for him,'' Carlisle said. "If Oklahoma City is a good situation for him, then that's what he should do.

"We've got to carry on, and we can't be concerned about things like that.''

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