Tuesday night, the Dallas Mavericks made sure Chris Paul wasn’t going to beat them.

The Mavericks sent double team after double team Paul’s way, forcing someone else to step up.

But as the game went down the stretch, it was clear that wouldn’t happen, and the Mavericks pulled out a tight 109-102 overtime victory.

With the Clippers down three, a double team led to a wide open 3-point look for Matt Barnes, but Barnes’ shot was well short, failing to hit the rim.

In overtime, the Clippers scored only three points – two from Paul and one on a DeAndre Jordan free throw – until Blake Griffin made a meaningless jumper with under 10 seconds left.

Paul, who the Clippers weren’t sure was even playing until moments before tip-off, led the way by calling his number more than his teammates.

Paul, who struggled hanging on to the ball Tuesday with seven turnovers, didn’t have issues getting it to go through the basket.

Paul hit 12-of-15 for a game-high 33 points.

No one else on the Clippers scored more than 14 points.