The Mavericks have plenty to be ticked off about after falling 105-101 to Golden State Monday night.

They were outrebounded 62-43. That's the fifth time, if you are counting, that they have been hammered by 10 or more on the boards in just 11 games.

No wonder the Mavericks were next-to-last in the league in percentage of rebounds grabbed going into Monday's games. And it's a safe bet that they'll be last after the way the Warriors pounded them.

Chris Kaman had 17 boards for the Mavericks. The other four starters combined for nine.

Shawn Marion wanted to take responsibility and he had only one in 34 minutes of play.

"It's frustrating, I had my hand on a lot of them," Marion said. "At the same time, you got to give them credit. They had us on our heels all night. We were able to push it to overtime, but they got this win. I take full responsibility."

That's all well and good, but this was a team loss.

The Mavericks were supposed to be trapping Steph Curry once he got going in the fourth quarter, but he spliced through the defense like it wasn't there.

Curry had 20 points and four assists during the fourth quarter and overtime.

"Steph Curry didn't outplay one player, he outplayed the Dallas Mavericks," said O.J. Mayo, who had 27 points, including all 11 that the Mavericks scored in the overtime.

Asked if the double teams should have been coming, Mayo said: "I would have liked to have done that. I always think you should make someone else beat us when a guy's going like that."