I’d heard plenty about the Mark Cuban's pre-game media sessions before Mavericks home games, when he’d get on a Stairmaster in his team’s weight room and answer questions while working out.
But it’s an entirely different thing to actually experience it, as Cuban climbs to the top of the thing and (I’m sure in a ploy to feel like he’s “above” the people talking to him) looks down upon them as he starts climbing the moving steps.
Cuban avoided specifically addressing Deron Williams and his decision to re-sign with the Nets – instead of Cuban’s Mavericks – last summer. His only comment on Williams directly was, “I’m not going into Deron. That’s old, old, old, old news.” (That was four olds, just to keep track).
But as the Mavericks are on their way to missing the playoffs for the first time in over a decade, Cuban didn’t have an issue defending his logic over the past two seasons, when he and general manager Donnie Nelson have dismantled their 2011 championship-winning team in order to maintain financial flexibility moving forward – something the Nets ignored in the way they built their team for this season, as well as the next few.
“Yes,” Cuban said when asked if a team like the Nets, who are capped-out, are in a tough situation moving forward. “That’s the position we didn’t want to be in.
“I’m not talking about any one player, but that’s why we were concerned in our approach [last summer]. Because if you sign a max-out guy, you get to a point where you’re above that tax-plus four million, then you’re limited in sign-and-trades, you’re limited in your ability to use the exceptions, there’s all kinds of limitations.

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