Dodgers manager Don Mattingly knows the valuable information you can glean as a September call-up.

“It lets you know where to take your luggage,” Mattingly said. “Seriously – it gets a lot of little stuff out of the way.”

The expanded rosters of baseball’s final month allowed Mattingly to get his first taste of the big leagues with the New York Yankees in 1982. He went 2 for 12 in seven games as the Yankees finished out a fifth-place season in the AL East. And, he learned more than where to drop off his luggage for road trips.

“Coming up was a huge step for me as a player,” he said. “I was able to come up, see the pitching, get in a few games. I got 12 at-bats over a month. But it was a huge step for me because it let me know I could play there.”

The Dodgers will add several players to their roster a week from Monday. None figures to have a larger role in the Dodgers’ future than outfielder Joc Pederson.