Don Mattingly should be scared. Or at least concerned.

He has lost the top four players on his lineup card, including his entire outfield. He has lost 61 percent of his home run production and 88 percent of his stolen base output.

He has lost the National League’s reigning MVP.

He is in charge of a Marlins team that most are projecting to lose about 100 games.

But to hear the manager’s comments Saturday at Marlins Park, where the remnants of the team’s thinning following turned out for FanFast, one might have been left wondering whether Mattingly has either lost his mind or spent the winter offseason in a cave.

“You probably think I’m crazy,” Mattingly said, “but I could look you right in the camera -- look you right in the eye -- and tell you how excited I am to be here.”

Excited? After watching new ownership take a wrecking ball to the roster by trading Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna, Christian Yelich and Dee Gordon?

Like the scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail in which the Black Knight responds “’Tis but a scratch” after having his arm chopped off, the Marlins’ third-year manager sounded pleased with it all.

A “coach’s dream,” he called it.

He was serious.

“You get to teach. You get to develop. You get to bring a guy’s career along and you actually get to be a part of building something that you think is going to be something special, and think is going to be sustainable,” Mattingly said.

And, with spring training set to begin on Wednesday, he was serious when he added this: “We’re going to prepare to win a championship.”

Barring the miracle of miracles, the Marlins will do no such thing.