Matt Williams is still considered the leading candidate to take over for Davey Johnson as Nationals manager if the team hires from outside the organization.

But will the Nationals look outside?

It's no longer a given that they will and people who speak regularly with Nationals management now believe bench coach Randy Knorr also has a strong chance to get the job. Knorr is said to have strong support within the organization and a few Nationals players have also spoke out recently suggesting they'd like to see him get the job.

The Nationals' strong finish would seem to work in Knorr's favor. Back in early August when first reported that Williams would be a Nationals candidate the Nats were one of the most disappointing teams in the game.

A 16-11 August and an 18-9 September weren't enough to get the Nationals into the playoffs but they changed the perception that any kind of shakeup was needed. If continuity is valued then that would work in Knorr's favor.

"The clubhouse is in a good spot" reliever Tyler Clippard told reporters over the weekend. "The only thing I ask of whoever makes the decisions on the managerial side of things is: Don't mess it up. We've got a good thing going on."