There are many accents in the rich and diverse Dodgers clubhouse this spring. There are a babel of twangs and tones from the Far East to western Australia, from the Dominican Republic to Defiance, Ohio.

But, make no mistake, there is only one voice.

It announced itself recently by entering the room with a loud belch. The murmurs quieted. Everyone looked up. Matt Kemp was in the house.

The Dodgers center fielder has shown up this spring looking remarkably thinner than last season, yet he has never been bigger. His attitude is more measured, but he has never been more forceful.

During the first full week of spring training, every time he was in the clubhouse, it was as if there was nobody else in the clubhouse.

He would dance in from batting practice loudly singing along to a rap song that thumped into his headphones. He would talk trash to teammates as they walked to the shower. He would howl at teammates as they attempted to play pingpong.