Matt Kemp on Tuesday flew to Arizona to begin his rehabilitation program, after his Oct. 5 left shoulder surgery. Kemp's procedure required a repair of the labrum in his left shoulder, and initial reports said the star center fielder would not be able to swing a bat until January.

"I was definitely surprised and definitely disappointed. I wish it just would have been a simple cleanup, which would have taken only about six weeks," Kemp said Wednesday. "Now, after the repair, it will be January before I get to hit and do a lot of other things."

Kemp said he expects to be ready to play well ahead of Apr. 1, when the Dodgers open their 2013 season against the Giants at Dodger Stadium.

"They said I should be ready by spring training, so before opening day," said Kemp.

It was the first major surgical procedure Kemp has endured, and he was understandably nervous.

"For me, other than a little measly surgery on my hand, it was pretty scary because I've never had to have a surgery like that," Kemp said. "I think any surgery for anybody would be scary, to go under and have someone cutting on you."