Dodgers All-Star center fielder Matt Kemp was one of the biggest names possibly on the trading block when the Winter Meetings began here earlier this week. After some questions about his health, the Dodgers sound poised to keep him.

Kemp's agent, former A's ace Dave Stewart, told Jayson Stark of that the Dodgers have said, "they have no plans to move [Kemp]."

Now, this could signal one of two things:

1. The Dodgers will now focus solely on moving Andre Ethier, or

2. The Dodgers are going to enter the 2014 season with some pretty solid outfield depth: Yasiel Puig, Carl Crawford, Kemp and Ethier.

Manager Don Mattingly is already prepared to deal with the latter.

"Like I told those four guys last year," he said Tuesday, "I know somebody is not going to be happy the days that they don't play."

"But also within that," Mattingly continued, "We found out if we can give Carl an extra day off here or three, he seems to be even better. We think Matt will probably need the same type of thing, while you're getting a day here and there. Andre, the same, days here and there."

"Is that enough days where somebody is not happy? I'm not sure about that, but it's a good problem to have for me."