Courtesy of Joel Sherman of the New York Post and MLB Network, we have the details of the new four-year contract the Brewers gave free-agent pitcher Matt Garza that is worth a minimum of $50 million and possibly $67 million over five years.

Garza, 30, will receive salaries of $12.5 million in the years 2014-'17. But $2 million will be deferred in each of those years without interest. He also can receive $500,000 each year he makes 30 starts and another $500,000 each year he reaches 190 innings.

A $13 million option vests for Garza in 2018 on the following three conditions:

1. He starts 110 games during the first four years.

2. He's not on the disabled list at the end of the 2017 season.

3. He pitches at least 115 innings in 2017.

If Garza's option does not vest, the Brewers can exercise it for $5 million. But that option drops to $1 million if he is on the disabled list for 130 days in any 183-day period (an entire season) for any health reason.